“I’m still feeling heavy and anxious, but one stock trading strategy I have an idea. What if we all went on a love campaign and paint everything beautiful? And if you can’t paint, supply the wall. I’m sick of feeling dull. Let’s get vibrant. Let’s get bright.”

-Hiero Veiga

About Spray Their Name

Hiero Veiga and Thomas Evans are traveling nationwide collaborating with black, brown this one stock trading strategy and supporting ally artists to paint murals focused on black and brown victims of police brutality such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others. Eventually, they would like to assist other noteworthy individuals respective to their communities in amplifying their voices. This may include activists, community leaders, and victims of violence and oppression.

Spray Their Name considers it necessary to give a voice to individuals who have been shut out, oppressed, and silenced. Black lives, voices, and leaders matter- our duty is to honor those whose lives have been wrongly taken through excessive police single stock trading strategy brutality.